Christ Pantocrator

Region: Northern Russia
Period: 17th centuryy
Size: 95 x 74 cm


Christ is seated as Almighty on a throne in the heavenly spheres. He is clothed in the golden robe of the already ascended Christ. On his lap he holds the open book with the text: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you relief” (Mt 11:28).

Around Christ, a four-pointed red diamond (three points are visible) and a blue mandorla with cherubs and seraphim are visible. With his feet Christ rests on the thrones, the fiery wheels with eyes. Cherubim, seraphim and thrones together form the highest triad of angels and are around God.

The outer red square has in the corners the symbols of the four evangelists, Matthew the man, Mark the eagle, John the lion and Luke the bull. The icon was once the center of a Deesis row in a church iconostasis.