The Wisdom of God

Region: Russia (Neviansk)
Period: Ca. 1800
Size: 26,5 x 22 cm


The Wisdom of God, Hagia Sophia is depicted as an angelic figure with a red face. Like other angels on icons, the face has feminine features, as does the hairstyle. The angel wears a crown and a staff and scepter. Christ is flanked by the Mother of God with Christ as pre-existent Logos and John the Forerunner. Christ Pantokrator can be seen above Christ as the Wisdom of God.

Six angels can be seen above and next to Christ Pantokrator, a table or altar is depicted between them. This is the Ετοιμασίᾳ, “preparation,” the portrayal of the altar as a symbol of the second coming of Christ. God the Father (Shebaoth) can be seen above the table.