Region: Russia
Period: Ca. 1700
Size: 32 x 28 cm


This icon depicts the resurrection of Christ, the Anastasis, in great detail. In the center of the icon is Christ, who tramples the gates of the realm of death and saves Adam and Eve from the grave. Around them are several figures known from the Old Testament. The icon also shows several events from the days after Easter, including the women who visit the empty tomb, the people of Emmaus and, notably, the Ascension of Christ.

The icon is clearly painted in commission, because there are two saints at the side of the icon, who in themselves have nothing to do with the Anastasis. Along the saints, two more holiday iconographies have been added in the two top corners that do not belong on an Easter icon. On the left the Annunciation to the Mother of God and on the right the Hospitality of Abraham.