The Resurrection

Region: Russia (Yaroslavl)
Period: Mid 17th century
Size: 31,5 x 27,5 cm


This Easter icon shows Christ’s triumph over death by depicting both the resurrection of Christ (lower right) and the resurrection through Christ (central). Encircled by a mandorla, the Saviour enters the realms of Death. Standing on top of the gates of the underworld, he stretches out both arms to Adam and Eve, representing mankind as first human beings.

Iconographically very unusual is the simultaneous redemption of Adam and Eve by Christ. In the vast majority of Easter icons, it is Adam who is saved first, while Eve has a subsidiary position. The equality of Eve and Adam is underscored by Adam, who is pointing his hand at Eve while being redeemed, thus drawing the attention of Christ and the gaze of the beholder to his spouse. Standing behind Adam are the kings David and Solomon; behind Eve Moses and John the Baptist can be seen. All may enter through Christ’s redemption through the gate of heavenly paradise (top right).