Baptism of Christ and the Raising of Lazarus

Region: Palestine
Period: 18th century
Size: 23,5 x 46,5 cm


This icon was once part of a large ‘pilgrim map’ of the Holy Land. Several iconographies can be recognized, such as the Baptism of Christ and the raising of Lazarus. Such a map or map shows various icons and pilgrimage sites that are located in and around Jerusalem. Because pilgrims had to be able to take the map home in a rolled up state, egg tempera was painted on linen. At the same time, this made the maps very vulnerable, so that few complete copies have survived.

We recently acquired seven icons that together formed part of a pilgrim map from the 18th century. The map itself has been lost, but a number of important representations were applied to wood in the 19th century and thus preserved.