The Entry of Christ into Jerusalem (‘Vkhod vo Ierusalim Gospoda Nashego Isusa Khrista’)

Region: Russian
Period: Ca. 1800
Size: 35 x 31 cm


A very finely painted Russian icon of the Entrance of Christ into Jerusalem, ca. 1800.

Christ rides on a donkey toward the gates of Jerusalem. Behind Christ the disciples are depicted, of a number only the halo can be seen. Children put down their mantles and climb trees to break down palm branches. The inhabitants of Jerusalem await Christ. A very interesting detail is the young family, consisting of a father, mother and baby, on the far right of the crowd. The Entry into Jerusalem (also called Palm Sunday) is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter. Contrary to iconography in the West, the donkey foal has its head bent down. Christ may be brought in as a King, but it is a misunderstood kingship. It is a kingship that is out of this world.