Fifteen Icons of Orthodox Feasts from a church iconostasis

Region: Russian (Vetka)
Period: 19th century
Size: 19 cm diam.


A very rare series of 15 colourful feast day icons from a festival tier of an iconostasis, 19th century.

This unique series of fifteen icons, each with a depiction of a liturgical feast, comes from a church iconostasis from the 19th century. The icons are painted in the workshop in the town of Vetka, in what is now Belarus. The extremely well-preserved series consistst of the following feasts:
1. Birth of the Mother of God
2. Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
3. Annunciation to the Mother of God
4. Nativity of Christ
5. Presentation of Christ in the Temple
6. Baptism of Christ in the Jordan
7. Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
8. Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor
9. Anastasis (Resurrection of Christ)
10. Ascension of Christ
11. Old Testament Trinity
12. Pentecost
13. Dormition of the Mother of God
14. Protecting Veil (Pokrov) of the Mother of God
15. Exaltation of the Cross