The Last Judgment

Region: Russian
Period: Ca. 1800
Size: 49,5 x 42 cm


A fine and important Russian icon of the Last Judgment, ca. 1800

Icons of the Last Judgment are rare in themselves. But while the vast majority of icons of the Last Judgment were large in size and intended to warn churchgoers as they were about to leave the church of the consequences of a sinful life, the even rarer modest size of this icon indicates a destination in a home environment, probably painted on commission.
The iconography is very complex. At the top of the icon, heaven is depicted, with Christ and the apostles, the Mother of God and other saints. On the left, recognizable by the white background, the road to heaven is depicted. Saints are provided with wings and are allowed to enter through the gate of heaven. With the people on the right and at the bottom of the icon it ends less well. A great fire represents hell. The bottom row depicts the different punishments that suit the different sins. More information about this complex iconography can be seen on the video that can be viewed via the link on our website.