Old Testament Trinity

Regio: Russia (Yaroslavl)
Periode: 2nd half of the 17th Century
Afmeting: 31,5 x 27,5 cm


Traditionally, icons of the Holy Trinity depict the event described in Genesis 18, 1-15, in which three men visit the patriarch Abraham. Abraham welcomes the three men, washes their feet and offers them food: bread made by his wife Sarah and a young calf prepared by his servant. Since Abraham addresses the three visitors as ‘My Lord’, early Christian theologians interpreted the three visitors as a manifestation of the Holy Trinity. The iconography of the Holy Trinity shows three young angels seated at a table. The tree in the background symbolises the Oak of Mamre, the buildings on the left the house of Abraham, while the hill one the right is often considered to symbolise spiritual ascent. Usually, one of the angels reaches out for a cup of chalice that is placed at the table, while the other angels make a blessing gesture. The feet of the angels do not touch the ground.