The Mother of God Pecherskaya

Regio: North Russia
Periode: Ca. 1600
Afmeting: 31,5 x 26,5 cm


This icon, also called the Mother of God of the Kiev Caves, shows the Mother of God seated on a throne, the Christ Child sitting on her lap. The two monks Antoniy and Feodosiy stand at each side of the Mother of God, each holding a scroll in his hand. Below the throne the entrance of the Kiev Caves is depicted.

Saint Antoniy and Saint Feodosiy are regarded as the founders of the Kievan Lavra. Antoniy was born in the year 983 near Chrenigov and went to Mount Athos in Greece to become a monk. He was sent back to the Kievo Rus land to convert its inhabitants to orthodoxy. Anthoniy visited many monasteries near Kiev, but did not find the strict monastic life he was used to on Mount Athos. He found a cave that had been dug out in the side of a hill. After a while he become noted for his ascetic lifestyle and other monks decided to join him. Among these monks was Feodosiy, who had come from his home in Kursk. As the population grew, Antoniy decided to move to another cave, not far away from the first one. Feodosiy remained in the old cave.