Mother of God Kazan (‘Kazanskaya’)

Region: Russian
Period: 17th century
Size: 31 x 27 cm


A fine Russian icon of the Mother of God of Kazan, 17th century.

This beautiful and sober painted icon depicts one of the most painted iconographies of the Mother of God. The Kazanskaja was often painted as a gift for the marriage of a daughter. The origin of the icon is a very special story. A church in Kazan had a beautiful icon of the Mother of God. One day, the church burned down and everything was destroyed. The Mother of God appeared in a dream to a peasant girl, and ordered her to dig in the grounds of the church. There the icon of the Mother of God was found. The lower part was destroyed, but the face of the Mother of God and the Christ child were intact. That is why icons of the Kazanskaja have the straight lines at the left corner.